Friday, October 1, 2010

DIY Ebay Polygraph Kit

yet again, i stoop into the realm of the political, please forgive me.

some of you may be aware of late breaking scandal involving california's gubernatorial (i do love that word) contender and former CEO of ebay, meg whitman. whitman has taken a hard line stance against employers who engage in the practice of hiring undocumented workers. this week, it became known to the public that ms. whitman herself is presumably one such employer. a former domestic employee has come forward with a notification of social security number mis-match that is dated 2003 with a hand written note by ms. whitman's husband asking the employee to 'look into this'. such evidence would suggest that the whitman family knew that their maid's eligibility to work in this country was in question. the whitman family failed to respond to the letter sent by the social security administration and left it in the hands of the employee in question.

ms whitman stated that she never saw this letter and is willing to take a polygraph to 'prove' it. i must say, this brings all sorts of fanciful imaginings into my head. first and foremost is that making such an offer ought to be a death knell to any political campaign, but in today's political climate, one never knows. then i veer off into wishing that all politicians were hooked up to polygraph machines from the time they announce their candidacy until their public service has concluded.

then, there is the uniquely awful picture in my head of ms. whitman in a do it yourself lie detection machine, rendered to the best of my photo-shopping ability

meg whitmans DIY poligraph

i am thinking how much i would like to sell this original artwork on my ebay account, complete with a 'buy it now' option in mock solidarity with ms. whitman and her desire to purchase the governorship of my dear state.

submitted for your approval